Natalie’s Mission

Welcome! My name is Natalie Jobity and I am the President and Chief Image Consultant at Elan Image Management. I help women (and a few select men) tap into their own unique flair and essence to project an image and personal brand that is memorable, powerful and in alignment with their core values and beliefs.

My tagline “Presence with a Purpose”TM is simple: you can only project outward what is authentic to you. To create a favorable, credible and long lasting impression, there needs to be an alignment of your internal beliefs, preferences, goals and values with your outward appearance. An ill-conceived or inconsistent image can hinder or impede your ability to achieve your goals. These goals can be as basic as attracting the people you desire into your life, to more substantive ones such as reaching the height of your career aspirations. Think of your external image as your ‘packaging’ and your internal self-image as your ‘product offering’. If your ‘package’ is at odds with your ‘product’, the end result is unbelievable.

Coupling decades of experience in fashion—dabbling in modeling, interior design and fashion styling— with years mentoring and motivating people to live to their fullest potential, I bring acute insight, compassion, creativity and a cohesive perspective to my clients’ image and wardrobe challenges. I believe an image makeover is a life transforming event. It is also dynamic—as you evolve and change, so should your image.

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, I have often counseled corporate clients on understanding the drivers of their company brand reputation and corporate image. I leverage this experience at Élan Image Management. I am a firm believer that we each have the power to cultivate, refine and project the image of our choosing, once we are equipped with the proper tools. My goal for women is to empower them to express their own unique personal style and brilliance, regardless of where they are starting their image journey. And this is true whether they are a size 6 or 16, young or mature, have a closet full of clothes or very little, or looking to boost their professional presence or a personal one.

I want you to express your élan. The word élan is French and means many things—flair, enthusiasm, distinction, style, taste, pizazz—and the spirit of all these words embodies what I do and what I want for you.