Wowing at Work: Dress to Impress Workshop

Wowing At Work Workshop

Natalie Jobity invites you to attend, ‘Wowing at Work: Dress to Impress’. A 4 hour Interactive Workshop. Saturday April 28th: 12:30pm-4:30pm at Hotel George, Washington DC

Your appearance at work is your expression to others about who you are and what you stand for. I’ve worked with many women who find themselves stuck wearing a variation of a “uniform” to work. They are bored, uninspired and quite frankly, frustrated with their wardrobe choices and inability to have the presence at work they desire.

Business casual dress codes are partly to blame. Women struggle with putting interesting business casual outfits together so they stick with safe options that leave them feeling like their work look is out of date and out of touch. Women who have to dress more conservatively for work are challenged finding creative alternatives that still project confidence and command. And many professionals are just TOO busy period to focus on their appearance.

Regardless of your wardrobe work frustrations, my Wowing at Work workshop will give your professional look the boost it needs.

Polished Professional Presence
Elan Image Management: Image Workshop

Let’s face it, in today’s economy women need to use every competitive advantage at our disposable to continue to stay relevant and to keep up with our male colleagues. This 4-hour interactive workshop is designed to teach you how to ‘wow’ at work so your presence is credible, up-to-date, aligned with your career aspirations and authentic to you. Learn how to get dressed each morning with less effort whatever your age, career or style preferences.

This 4 hour interactive workshop provides actionable advice on:

  1. What do I wear to work?
  2. How do I create polished business casual outfits?
  3. How do I express my unique flair and still be work appropriate?
  4. How do I use accessories to make a statement?
  5. How do I project authority and command without looking uptight?
  6. What are a few key wardrobe essentials every woman’s needs for her work wardrobe?

Ready to polish up your work look?


What else can you expect from my Wowing at Work Workshop?

  • Learn key tricks on looking effortlessly pulled together and be inspired to augment your closet with looks that reinforce your personal style.
  • Network with other women, also looking to elevate their image.
  • Get personalized attention as you get your own outfits critiqued from an expert.
  • Be motivated to build a wardrobe of clothes you love wearing regardless of the occasion.
  • Take your look from Drab to Fab

Do you need to tweak, enhance or elevate your professional presence? This workshop is for you!

I’ve facilitated many workshops and seminars over the years. Here are just a few testimonials from past attendees of my workshops:

“Thank you so much for Saturday. I learned a lot both about style and myself in a short time. You are very talented. I am inspired by you, the way you hold yourself and present yourself with style and confidence and energy.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. I was truly inspired afterwards, and even went to Nordstroms over the weekend — I did not feel nearly as helpless and lost as I usually do while shopping 🙂 I even got a couple pair of summer shoes that I actually love (!), and I got a pair of NYDJ that they are tailoring this week! Now at least I have 2 items from your list of must-haves…a big improvement for me! I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

“I came away with some vital information that will help me to hone in on my own personal style. Getting clarity around the fact that I do have more than one persona and can embrace each of them was big. Now I don’t feel like I have to be a slave to any one and communicate myself and my own personal style in a more settled way…so THANKS! Keep doing great and fun work. All the best for future success.”

“THANK YOU for the opportunity to attend! I really learned a lot and truly enjoyed meeting the other ladies as well. It was interesting how we all came from different backgrounds, yet had the same “image and styling” issues. I had NO IDEA how much I let myself go after having my baby. This bootcamp drove me back into the “style game” again. It’s like, I care about myself again, I am putting more time into how I look and feel. The bootcamp has done wonders for my confidence! I look forward to continuing working with you :)”

“Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. I left truly inspired and definitely interested in taking my personal best a step forward.”

“Natalie Jobity is very enthusiastic and excited when it comes to teaching others, which makes it easy to reflect her energy. I attended her seminar and it was extremely informative and made me even more excited than I was before.”

“Meeting with Natalie was great. Before, I didn’t really pay much attention to fashion, but now when I’m in a store I can pick out things that are good for me. Also, I notice myself paying more attention to what other people are wearing, and realizing what colors do and don’t look good on them, as well as with my self. Doing this program and spending time with Natalie has changed my whole outlook on fashion and colors.”

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Elan Image Management: Wardrobe WorkshopElan Image Management: Wardrobe Workshop

Here are a few more reasons why you don’t want to miss my Wowing at Work Workshop!

    • The first 4 registrants get an autographed complimentary copy of Natalie’s bestselling book: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style
    • The first 7 registrants will get their go-to work outfit critiqued and their figures assessed
    • E-mail a “Before” photo before the seminar and get specific recommendations on how you can improve your look
    • All participants leave with a handy resource guide of stores, shopping tips and other relevant handouts
    • Be eligible for bonuses on my one on one services, available only to workshop participants!

This workshop is limited to 15 women only! Register now to take your work look up several notches!


    • $107
    • Registration deadline: April 20th, 2012. No walk ins!



  • Payment is required at time of reservation to guarantee your space. Space IS Limited so do register early!
  • No refunds
  • For more information, contact: [email protected] or call 443-295-ELAN (3526)
  • Payments by credit card via Paypal


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