What You Need To Know About Camping At Maui

When you talk about Maui, then camping is one of the last things that people associate with Maui. Maui has so many scenic spots for camping that it’s fascinating that many people don’t know about it or they are skeptical to try. Here are some of the best camping sites in Maui:

Waianapanapa State Park
Maui’s black sand beach, Pailoa, is a marvel and a must-see destination. It is located in Hana and they allow camping on the grounds. Camping in the black sand is an experience that is exclusive to that area making it all worth the try. You can wake up to waves crashing the jet-black sand on the beach or you can decide to take a walk in the freshwater lava tubes. The state park campsite has 12 fully furnished cabins with full campsite amenities. It is proper to book ahead as they are usually in high demand.

Haleakala National Park
There are various spots that you can set up camp in the park. Two are easily accessible and the other two are further away requiring you to take a hike. All sites are built with camping amenities such as picnic tables, pit toilets, and barbeque grills. Food and gas are unavailable hence it is necessary to plan ahead.

What To Carry On The Camping Trip
A camping trip can only be exciting if you plan accordingly and carry the right gear. Here is a list of some of the necessities you need to carry:

● Clothing: Maui has a dynamic temperature, this means it can be very hot and dry and then in moments time it is cold and wet. Carry clothing that is suitable for both weather conditions so as to be prepared for anything.
● Camping gear: these are the gadgets you will aid your camping experience, they include: water bottles, flashlights, tent, backpack, binoculars.
● Personal items: these are the items that you use for personal grooming, things like soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, sunscreen, toilet paper

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