Spring Cleaning With The 30-Day Checklist

If you don’t quite know where to begin with your spring cleaning, there’s a pretty easy process that you can follow. Cleaning and decluttering is one of the easiest processes that you can carry out in a jiffy. So read on as we dive into the 30-day checklist.

Day 1 – Dust the corners of every room
Day 2 – Put seasonal items away
Day 3 – Clean all the closets and cabinets
Day 4 – Sort, clean and take your shoes out to the cobbler for repairs
Day 5 – Clean those dirty appliances
Day 6 – Take your vehicle to the cleaners
Day 7 – Deep clean your fridge. If you have a grease trap installed in your kitchen, clean it also. You can call Everett grease trap pumping a professional in the field of grease trap cleaning, pumping and installing.
Day 8 – Declutter and toss those old rugs and mats
Day 9 – Clean your winter clothing
Day 10- Work on your silverware and electronics
Day 11- Clean out any junk that you may have including those empty water bottles
Day 12- Don’t forget to clean the oven and wash your ironing board cover
Day 13- It’s about time to work on those windows inside and outside
Day 14- Recycle old paper, packing material and others
Day 15- If you’ve got a basement, it’s time to declutter and clean every inch of it
Day 16- Your plumbing also needs to be cleaned along with drawers, pantry, and cabinets
Day 17- Switch out the seasonal decor
Day 18- Vacuum those hard to reach places
Day 19- The garage and fireplace also needs some attention
Day 20- Throw those broken items away
Day 21- Sort and declutter all glass items
Day 22- Any and every type of bag should be organized
Day 23- Repair clothing
Day 24- Organize craft and hobby supplies
Day 25- Get the kids involved and have them clean their own room
Day 26- It’s time for vacuuming and dusting some more
Day 27- Clean the walls
Day 28- Clean the linens
Day 29- Donate or sell all unwanted items
Day 30- Throw all those broken items away

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a task. When you follow the 30-day checklist, you’re sure to add some order into your cleaning regime. Happy spring cleaning.

What You Need To Know About Camping At Maui

When you talk about Maui, then camping is one of the last things that people associate with Maui. Maui has so many scenic spots for camping that it’s fascinating that many people don’t know about it or they are skeptical to try. Here are some of the best camping sites in Maui:

Waianapanapa State Park
Maui’s black sand beach, Pailoa, is a marvel and a must-see destination. It is located in Hana and they allow camping on the grounds. Camping in the black sand is an experience that is exclusive to that area making it all worth the try. You can wake up to waves crashing the jet-black sand on the beach or you can decide to take a walk in the freshwater lava tubes. The state park campsite has 12 fully furnished cabins with full campsite amenities. It is proper to book ahead as they are usually in high demand.

Haleakala National Park
There are various spots that you can set up camp in the park. Two are easily accessible and the other two are further away requiring you to take a hike. All sites are built with camping amenities such as picnic tables, pit toilets, and barbeque grills. Food and gas are unavailable hence it is necessary to plan ahead.

What To Carry On The Camping Trip
A camping trip can only be exciting if you plan accordingly and carry the right gear. Here is a list of some of the necessities you need to carry:

● Clothing: Maui has a dynamic temperature, this means it can be very hot and dry and then in moments time it is cold and wet. Carry clothing that is suitable for both weather conditions so as to be prepared for anything.
● Camping gear: these are the gadgets you will aid your camping experience, they include: water bottles, flashlights, tent, backpack, binoculars.
● Personal items: these are the items that you use for personal grooming, things like soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, sunscreen, toilet paper

Fashionista Events: Sterling Silver and Faceted Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Welcome to the semi-annual Fashionista Event! This is the Largest Fashion giveaway event on the internet, with 105+ blogs offering over $20,000 in prizes, hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS with co-hosts The Socialites Closet and Modly Chic.

SPRING Fashionista Events Giveaway

Flaunting It With The Image Diva is is hosting a giveaway sponsored by Fezelry Jewelry.  One lucky winner can get a gorgeous faceted pearl and crystal sterling silver necklace that is 3 feet long sponsored valued at $125. Wohoo!!


This necklace is the perfect accessory for your spring and summer ensembles! At over 3 feet in length, this necklace can be worn long or doubled up. Crystals are mixed with both smooth and faceted freshwater pearls in beautiful soft pastel colors. The crystals add just the right amount of sparkle and shine, while the faceted freshwater pearls add a very unique look and feel.

This necklace features:

  • Genuine 925 Sterling silver, hand made, each link is hand wrapped
  • Over 3 feet of luxury to adorn your neck
  • Faceted crystals add the perfect touch of sparkle
  • Gem-quality freshwater pearls are also faceted, creating a beautiful look


You’re not going to want to miss out on your chance to adorn your neck with this beautiful accent!

But this is just the start. The Grand Prize for the Event is a $1200 (retail) Marc Jacobs bag via Bella Bag. And for every giveaway in the Fashionista Event that an entrant enters, they gain one entry toward the Marc Jacobs Bag by entering the Grand Prize Giveaway. A photo of this fab bag is pictured below.

Let’s get this party started! I am so excited for you to participate in this great FASHION Blog extravaganza!!
Enter the Flaunting It with the Image Diva Fezelry Necklace Giveaway below.

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Enter to win fabulous fashion prizes including jewelry, clothing, footwear and more from 100+ bloggers below:

7 Secrets to Effective Professional Presence

Your image is a walking business card communicating who you are as a professional. For optimal impact, you want to be sure you make very focused and conscious choices about the messages your image ‘business card’ is transmitting, noting especially if it is aligned with your professional aspirations. Your appearance is your expression to others about who you are and what you stand for. The way you look reflects your self image, attitude, confidence and state of mind. A strong, purposeful presence is the hallmark of an effective image. When you look good (and you know it), you naturally feel more confident. You tend to radiate an aura of effortless positive energy which becomes contagious and magnetic. Others will be drawn to you and respond with the same positive energy that you yourself project.


As a professional image consultant I’ve worked with many women who find themselves stuck wearing a variation of a “uniform” to work. They are bored, uninspired and quite frankly, frustrated with their wardrobe choices and inability to have the presence at work they desire. I get it. So I want to share a few tips with you (just in case the notion of a uniform sounds familiar) to help. Here are seven effective ways to immediately enhance your professional image so you look polished and pulled together and feel absolutely confident!


  1. [ ballerina icon ]1.Invest in quality pieces. Your clothing is an important career investment. Look for timeless, well made designs and mix these up with more stylish accents based on your personal style. What you wear and the way you treat yourself dictates how others will treat you. If you dress like a winner and act like a winner, people will treat you like one.
  2. [ underwear model icon ]2. Image is so much more than the clothes you wear. It is your total package including your clothing, but equally as important, how you accessorize, how groomed you are, your poise and posture, non verbal cues, your ability to maintain eye contact, and so much more. Do you know how are you stacking up? Being honest about the answer to this question is critical.
  3. [ meeting icon ]3.You are a walking business card which conveys a personal brand whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you are an upwardly mobile professional, a senior executive with a high profile position, an entrepreneur, speaker or someone in the public eye, once you are representing a company or interacting with customers, clients or your followers in any way, you better believe you’re a brand. This means that your image is communicating important messages about your product and/or service just as your marketing collateral is. Is your personal brand in synch with your company’s brand? Think about it and modify accordingly.
  4. [ color scribble icon ]4.I can never emphasize enough the importance of using color strategically. Colors convey their own ‘energy’ and you need to understand how to use colors in business to achieve different outcomes. Dark colors like black and navy blue, convey seriousness, “all business” and authority. Brown, while professional, has less authority than black or navy and engenders reliability and security. Pastels colors are soft and convey approachability and femininity. And red communicates strength, confidence, command and assertiveness and a bit of daring. Know the colors that make you shine and rock them.
  5. [ checkbox icon ]5.Never be frumpy. Let your business associates see you dressed to a ‘T’ every day, not just for special occasions. Be consistent with your image and what it communicates. Take your presentation of yourself as seriously as you do your work. Pay attention to the details. Tags that show on accessories, broken buttons, wrinkled clothing, scuffed shoes, labels that show— all project sloppiness and detract from your image no matter how fabulous your ensemble.
  6. [ beach icon ]6.Express yourself while still being professionally appropriate. Don’t get yourself in a clothing rut, wearing the same styles, colors or silhouettes all the time (the ‘uniform’). Use fashion trends as a way to experiment with new looks that express your style and compliment your wardrobe. You don’t need to be a slave to fashion, just open enough to try those items that have appeal to you. If you’re cautious, start small—try on a belt you find appealing and see how it makes you feel. Or a new shade of red. Experiment with fabric and patterns. You’d be surprised about what you can discover about yourself once you dare to allow yourself the permission to have fun with your wardrobe.
  7. [ gift icon ]7.Do you command attention when you walk into a room? ‘Presence’, that ability to project a sense of ease, poise, command or self-assurance is an energy and an attitude. It can be magnetic. It draws people to you. When it is purposeful, you have created the equivalent of a slam dunk in your professional interactions. Get clear on the effect you want to convey to others. Then dress accordingly to achieve effective professional presence.
  8. For even more tips and advice visit the Élan Blog now 4 years old. Be sure to pick up your complimentary copy of our e-book and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. My book ‘Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style’ available on Amazon, gives all women a step-by-step guide to looking great with less effort. Have a question about style and figure flattery? Want easy to digest tips and advice on how to dress your body? Need to be inspired and motivated to look your best. It’s all in the book!


dressed for success

Elan Image Management invites you to attend, ‘Find your Signature Style & Create the Wardrobe you Love’ 4 hour style seminar.

Have you ever wished you had a closet full of clothing you loved wearing because they looked simply fabulous on you? If finding the right clothing that flatters you causes you even the tiniest bit of anxiety you’re going to want to attend this intimate workshop for women! This workshop helps you refine your style, learn to dress to flatter your figure, accessorize and more this 4-hour workshop will motivate you to put every effort in looking your best and creating a wardrobe you simply love. Can you relate to any of the following?

  • Are you a woman who dreads getting dressed in the morning?
  • Do you stare at a closet full of clothes and still wonder how you can’t find anything to wear?
  • Are you frustrated when shopping for clothes because you don’t know the styles that flatter you?
  • Do you need to update or revamp your look? Or
  • Do you just want a closet full of clothes you absolutely love wearing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re going to absolutely benefit from attending ‘Find your Signature Style & Create the Wardrobe you Love!’

After Attending the ‘Find your Signature Style & Create the Wardrobe you Love’ Style Seminar you will:

    1. Learn the key wardrobe essentials every woman’s closet needs and how to make them work for you
    1. Learn key tricks on looking effortlessly pulled together
    1. Be inspired to buy clothing that reinforces your personal style
    1. Get your own outfits critiqued
    1. Understand how to use figure flattery to look slimmer, taller and even younger
    2. Get the fundamentals of using color for impact in your closet
    1. Get the basics on using accessories to help take your look from drab to fab in an instant
    1. Leave with a 15 page resource guide of stores, shopping tips and other relevant handouts and be entered into Élan Image Management’s subscriber database which gives you access to our monthly newsletter and upcoming events.
  1. As an added bonus, any woman who books a wardrobe consultation, wardrobe audit or personal shopping trip within 30 days after the seminar, will receive 10% off!
Date: January 2011
Time: 12:30pm – 4:30pm (EST)
Place: Hotel George 15 E St NW, Washington, DC (metro accessible—just one block from Union Station. Parking across the street)

Our Services

Our Services

Everyone, no matter their age, life-stage, race, career aspirations, size or shape deserves to have their own signature look, their own personal style trademark. Élan Image Management can help you define or refine your look and translate it into a new and improved image, branded with your unique signature style. We specialize in true transformation from the inside out, so that the new and improved you is authentic, realistic, and aspirational. We don’t just give you a fashion makeover, we address your entire image so that the results are truly transformational and lasting. Read what Past Clients are Saying about Elan’s Services.


Perhaps you can relate to the following: Are you vying for a promotion and need a more polished look? Do you have no idea how to dress in a way that flatters and enhances your figure? Are you stuck in an image/fashion rut or just want a brand new look and a closet full of clothes you absolutely love wearing? Perhaps you are going through a career transition? Do you dread shopping and have no clue where to go? Maybe you are an executive needing to take her image to the next level? Are you on the brink of media exposure and need your very own personal fashion stylist to ensure your visual image is aligned with your message or platform? Do you have a special event/photo shoot and you need to look fabulous? If any of these situations describes you then you can absolutely benefit from our services.

So whether you are petite, tall, plus size or somewhere in between, shopping for dresses, pants or business suits to flatter your figure, you’ve come to the right place!



Individual Services



In-Depth Image Consultation: One of Our Popular Packages

We recommend that every client invests in our in-depth image consultation as it is the foundation for all subsequent consultation services. The in-depth image consultation incorporates all aspects of image and appearance and is customized to each client’s needs and priorities.

If you are looking for a true transformation and education on what to wear and how to best dress your figure, this package is for you. This package is highly recommended as it incorporates all key elements of an in-depth image assessment. It includes a color consultation, personal style assessment and figure and fit analysis as the core modules.

We also address hair, accessories, makeup depending on your needs and the timing. As a client you get ‘homework’ to complete before the session that we review and discuss together as part of the session so we have a clear understanding of your preferences, challenges, style/image aspirations and priorities. During the session, we will document everything in a workbook that we will review together, customized to your needs. Other deliverables include color swatches and cards, and a list of action items to help get you started in achieving a new style, image and specific ‘how to’s’ so you know how to dress in clothing that fit, flatters and enhances.

This session is great for any woman who wants to improve her look and style whether she wants to dress more professionally or simply desires a polished and pulled together casual wardrobe.

This package requires a 5 hour commitment.


A typical consultation includes:

  • image needs assessment
  • personal style examination
  • figure and proportion analysis so you understand how to flatter your figure
  • color consultation
  • You leave the session with a 30 page workbook that we will be completing during the session, action items for you to implement color swatches of your best colors
  • My ongoing counsel as your image coach

In-Depth Image Consultation: Abridged

An abridged version of the 5 hour In-Depth Consultation. Key difference is that this session is 3.5 hours and focuses on two out of the three core image/wardrobe modules. Depending on options chosen, the deliverables may be different. Contact me for details.


Instead of utilizing the in-depth image consultation package, clients can choose to select a specific service that is part of the in-depth image consultation package above, as a separate service. In this case each service is billed at an hourly rate.


Discover your Signature Style

We each have a signature personal style waiting to emerge, whether we are aware of it or not. There are 7 unique styles and we help our clients understand which combinations of these styles best enhances and expresses their individual essence and educate them on ways they can incorporate elements of those styles into their ensembles. By delving into the preferences, personality, goals and lifestyle of our client we help clients uncover the nuances and accents that really resonate for them in different styles. These details help hone in a signature look. 2 hours


Dressing to Flatter your Figure

Each person has a unique body based on their figure, height, size and proportions. At Elan Image Management we empower you to embrace your body and teach you how to enhance your assets and minimize the parts of your body that are challenging for you. We examine in depth your body, figure and proportions. You will learn the designs, silhouettes and cuts that accentuate your assets and learn insider secrets to camouflage any figure challenges. 2 hours


Color Consultation

The right colors can turn your wardrobe from Drab to Fab and make you look and feel more attractive. Understand how to use colors to make your image ‘pop’. We assess your best colors based on scientific principles (taking special account of your skin, eyes and hair coloring) and we use a customized approach for each client. After the session you will get swatches of your best colors to take with you. . These colors will be the basis upon which you choose clothing (any items from the waist up), makeup and accessories. 1.5 hours


Shapewear, Accessories, & Makeup

This can be part of the initial consultation or conducted at a separate meeting, after we have worked together on your immediate wardrobe needs. A good hairstyle, effective shapewear and complementary accessories and make-up are important finishing touches. You will not look totally polished and pulled together without these details. Accessories further enhance your appearance and help you express you own individuality. Shopping for accessories typically requires a separate shopping trip. Typically 1-3 hours depending on the client.

I am a representative for Ardyss products including their exclusive Body Magic shapewear. Think Spanx on steroids! Interested in Shapewear that transforms the way you look in your clothes, improves your posture and helps you lose weight? Visit My Ardyss site to view the variety of shapewear products for women and men and contact me for further assistance or to place an order.


‘Virtual’ Image Consultation

If you do not live in the DC/MD/VA metro area we can still serve you! We have worked with clients in other cities ‘virtually’ using a combination of phone, e-mail exchanges of photos, and Skype web cam capabilities to uncover most of the items we cover in an in-person session. The exception is the color assessment which must be done in person. You receive a modified workbook as a takeaway from a virtual session and the session is tailored to your specific image needs.

We have helped clients discover their personal style, dress to flatter their figure, consult with them on their personal brand and provide fashion consultation advice for photo shoots, all remotely. We have also ‘virtual’ shopped for clients. A typical virtual consult takes 2-3 hours and is customized to the needs and goals of the client. Contact us today to explore how we can serve you regardless of where you live in the US!

Listen to Natalie Share Her Experiences as an Image Consultant

Natalie was interviewed recently by Mia Redrick author of ‘Time for Mom Me’ and a nationally renowned expert on self care strategies for Mom’s. In this interview, Natalie shares how she works with clients, her philosophy, and provides key tips to help you look your best!


Other Individual Services

The services below are typically conducted after an in-depth image consultation or as part of a larger bundled package. But they can also be separate service offerings as well. Bundled offerings including these services can be customized to the needs of a client on an as needed basis. Contact us for details


Wardrobe Makeovers

Let Élan Image Management show you how to buy fewer clothes but have more clothing options through wardrobe optimization. We want you to use and love ALL your clothes in your closet. After an initial consultation, we will review your current wardrobe for style, fit, color, relevance, coordination, and function. We take your preferences, priorities, lifestyle, tastes and goals into consideration so that the audit is customized to your needs. We will ensure you have key wardrobe essentials in place; purge items of clothing that are not in synch with your new image goals; and identify key gaps in your wardrobe.

Depending on your priorities we will also show you how to ‘shop your closet’, in other words, use clothing you already own to create ‘new’ outfits. For example with 10 core pieces you can create scores of new ensembles. We will help you shop more effectively in the future so that you will have the right outfit for every occasion A 4-5 hour commitment depending on client’s current wardrobe and whether we’ve already worked together. A 90 minute pre-consult is mandatory for clients who we have not worked with previously. Contact us for specific details on the process.


Personal Shopping

We offer three different shopping services depending on your needs and budget.

1) We can shop with you at your/our favorite stores to select clothing depending on your immediate clothing needs and image goals. Our ultimate goal after this shopping trip is ensuring you understand how to select items of clothing that work with your body, coloring, image needs and lifestyle, irrespective of how many items you actually purchase that day.

2) We can shop for you after we have worked with you in a in-depth consultation. In this scenario we will know your body, preferences, best colors and personal style to make informed choices for you. You give us a clothing budget and clothing priorities and we handle the rest. After we have shopped for you we will meet you so you can try on all the new purchases. We decide together what you keep and we show you how to coordinate your new clothes with each other and your existing wardrobe.

3) We can shop online for you. In this shopping service, our goal is to e-mail you suggestions based on your priorities and price point. We do not buy clothes but instead e-mail you our recommendations from a number of our preferred e-tailers. This is the most cost effective shopping option.

In all shopping services, you will learn the cuts, styles, colors and pieces that flatter you, that express your personal style and achieves your image goals. Minimum commitment of 3 hours.


Fashion Consultation

Celebrities aren’t the only ones to get glamour shots. At Elan we’ve worked with women just like you to help style them and pick out their wardrobe and accessories for a photo session. Perhaps you need a professional head shot taken? Or maybe you’ve reached an age milestone and want to celebrate and gift yourself a ‘Glamor Shot’? Or you could be an aspiring singer, model, author, or artist that needs photos taken for marketing purposes? Maybe you need pictures for a special event?

Whatever the occasion we can help get you ready for your shoot, by helping you select your outfit, providing accessories or props as needed, and consulting with you on hair and makeup to ensure you look fabulous in your photos. And even more, if you need it, we are there to ‘hold your hand’ during the session and work with the photographer so we capture your best angles and poses.

If needed, we can coordinate the entire shoot for you, tapping into our network of photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists so all you need to do is show up. Contact us for details on how we make you look beautiful in your photos.


Personal Brand Consultation

Major Fortune 500 Companies hire brand strategists, marketing consultants and research professionals to help them build, maintain and monitor their brand image. In the same way, we each are our own walking advertisements, our own personal ‘brand’ that markets and conveys information about our credibility, intelligence, self image, and confidence. Personal branding hinges upon establishing a reputation for yourself, showcasing what differentiates you from others, and conveying the unique ‘value add’ you bring to a situation. Understand what brand image you are conveying by your image and how to develop a Unique Value Proposition that positions you for success in your life.

We give you an assessment to complete and then discuss with you what the results mean, in addition to advising you on strategies to strengthen the efficacy of your brand. Any individual representing a corporation, entrepreneurs, or those in the artistic fields (actors, singers, authors etc) and speakers need to be especially mindful of their personal brand identity. Explore how we can help you leverage your personal brand. 3 hours


Group Workshops & Seminars

Élan Image Management offers a number of workshops and seminars on image, style, personal branding and ‘purposeful presence’ to groups, associations and clubs. Groups can be small (20 or less) or much larger. The workshops are fun and interactive and can be social or professional in scope.

Dress For Success Seminars

We are particularly interested in giving presentations/workshops related to ‘Dress for Success’ topics which are relevant to students at Universities or those in career transition. As an individual with a graduate degree and one who has worked in corporate America for 15 years, Natalie is uniquely qualified to give such presentations as an image consultant.

Her ‘Dress for Success’ workshops can include any of the following areas:

  • Importance of first impressions.
  • The fundamentals of a business wardrobe.
  • The impact of image and why an effective and polished image matters.
  • Overview of personal branding, why it is important and tips on defining a personal brand.
  • Having a purposeful presence- Establishing poise, presence and confidence.
  • Paying attention to details: accessories, non-verbal cues, poise etc.
  • Basic business etiquette (the proper handshake, eye contact, making an entrance).
  • Recession proofing one’s image.
  • And more!


We also offer customized workshops. Contact us for details.


Teen Image & Fashion Workshops

High School girls are at risk. Many have poor or no role models to inform them on what the proper social norms are which are the pre-cursers for success. They suffer from low self esteem, lack confidence and look to their peers or the TV for guidance on how to act and dress. Unfortunately too often, this just worsens the problem. Young women need positive affirmation, knowledge and the tools to succeed. Information is a start. The more positive input that is fed to them, the more they become empowered and emboldened.

Workshop topics can include any of the following:

  • Importance of first impressions
  • The impact of image and why an effective and pulled together image = power and confidence
  • The consequences of a negative image
  • Image and self esteem
  • The fundamentals of a young woman’s wardrobe
  • Understanding and embracing different body types
  • Dressing to flatter the body
  • Key Wardrobe Don’ts for young women
  • Establishing poise, presence and confidence
  • Fashion Influencers: The Impact of them, Who they are, and whether they are appropriate role models
  • Understanding how to wow with color
  • Finishing touches: Accessories
  • Dressing for Different Occasions: School/Social/ Casual/ Church/ Prom

Contact me for specifics on building a customized program for your teens.

Image Coaching Series

The ‘New Year, New Gear’™ Teleseminar Image Coaching Program was specifically designed for women, as an ongoing image coaching program providing wardrobe education, style refinement, empowerment, fun, accountability and image transformation…all from the comfort of your home!

Each month, for an entire year (or 6 months) you will receive; a private one-on one image coaching session, a complimentary invitation to a coaching teleseminar, weekly e-mail exercises, insider access to resources and affiliates, discounted admission to wardrobe bootcamps and other events sponsored by Élan Image Management and much more! Get ready for a year full of education, empowerment, fun, fabulousness and most important, transformation. Visit Our Image Coaching Page for more details.


Ladies Night In Package

We offer a fun filled evening for small groups of women to help empower them to express their personal essence through their appearance. These sessions are customized to the needs of the women in the group but typically include any of the following: assess your colors, determine figure types and instruct on clothing styles that flatter and enhance various body types, bra fit, accessorizing, hair and makeup tips, clothes swaps and much more. Typical group size is 6-8 women. The hostess gets a free one hour image consultation. Contact us for details.



Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of an Image or Fashion Makeover

What better way to show someone you care than to treat them to an image makeover from Élan Image Management. An image or fashion consultation may be just the type of gift your loved one needs. Élan gift certificates can be purchased for birthdays, wedding gifts, graduations, anniversaries, special holidays or just to say you care.


An Élan gift certificate is a creative and unique gift that awards the recipient immediate benefits, the same way a day at the spa would. If your loved one relishes spa days they would love the gift of an image makeover. And it’s a wonderful way to treat yourself! You deserve it! Contact me for details!


Figure Flattering Swimsuits for ALL Figure Types

Figure Flattering Swimsuits for ALL Figure Types: Part 1

Its that time of the year ladies! When we bare our bods and belt to the beach. A scary prospect for so many gals though. But I am here bringing good tidings!! Perhaps more than other seasons, this summer I truly believe  there are options aplenty for all shapes, sizes and level of modesty. So without further ado—here are some suits suited for you!

Perfect bodies

For the 15% of real women who have ‘perfect 10’ bodies they can wear the full gamut of styles and for most the bikini will be a no-brainer. For women who fall into this category just be sure to choose a pattern and color that really enhances. Too often I see women with great bodies wearing bathing suits in a color that actually takes away from their great look. So perfect body or not, think of the colors that put you in the best light.

A great example of using color and print to enhance a great body!

This is a celeb wearing a poor fitting bikini in a color/print that makes her look washed up. Don’t let this be you!

Full in the hips/thighs
For women who have a pear (triangle) shape, minimizing the hips and often rear is the challenge. An easy strategy is to use color blocking—wear a darker color on your bottom and a brighter/lighter one on top. Another alternative, the skirted suit or tankini in a straight to slight a line silhouette (not flared!). Boy shorts provide coverage in the rear. Also bring as much attention to your top half by details, accents, design to detract from your larger bottom half. Avoid horizontal stripes on your bottom half!

This suit from Norma Kamali is perfect for a pear shaped woman. The ruching all over minimizes and hides bulges, the dark colored bottom balances her shape out and the sexy white top brings the eye above the waist. Moreover the straight skirted suit camoflages the larger hip/thigh.

For pear figures that are not too exaggerated, the gradated color blocking in this suit from Victoria’s Secret  from light to dark will do the trick. I also love the necklace collar which draws the eye up and away from the wider bottom.

For gals with a tummy step away from the bikini! Too often I see ladies with their little paunches all hanging out and honestly they can do so much better. For you, I highly recommend the minimizing  one pieces. Or a one piece suit with ruching at the waist/tummy which is an excellent camouflager. Or a suit with a wrap over style to minimize bulges. A high waist retro styled bikini bottom with high spandex content can work wonders for the mid section. The key theme in whichever suit you choose is a high percentage of spandex to hold in bulges.

This red hot sexy very ruched one piece from Victoria’s Secret is just what the stylist orders for those with mid section bulges. Love it! And cool that you can pull the skirted part up or down depending on your coverage needs.

Not crazy about the color of this swimsuit from Bloomigdales but the construction and design is PERFECT to hide numerous figure flaws most notably the tummy or thick waist. The ruching in the middle and panelling on the sides is very strategic and figure enhancing. And the modest cut of the panty also works for those needing to minimize hip bulge!

This really mod high waist bottom is great for those with a tummy but a great figure otherwise. The graphic print also helps detract. Kate Perry is wearing for style not function but this would really work on a woman with a little poof in the middle.

Large busts
Women with large breasts really need proper support. Bikinis are fine once the top has the proper underwire support to keep the bust lifted. With one pieces, you absolutely want to look at a deep V neck or wide U scoop necklines which enhance your bust. To avoid like the plague? Little itsy bitsy tops or stringy halters that look at odds with your proportion and provide zero support. Also any top that adds bulk to your breasts.

This very pretty bikini has great underwire support for fuller busts–from Shoshana @ Bloomingdales.

This bikini from Victoria’s Secret is cute on the model but would not be so cute on a full busted woman. The ruffles add bulk she doesn’t need and the strapless bandeau dsign provides little support. A ‘Don’t’.

This halter one piece can be great on the full busted because the molded cups provide great support while the substantial straps of the halter match her proportions. Available @ Victoria’s Secret.

Look for the rest of this post later this week! Want more tips on how to flatter your unique body and proportions? I highly recommend picking up a copy of my book: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style. Full of tips, advice and motivation to look great regardless of your size and empowering you to Flaunt It. The secret? Confidence (and a few handy insider secrets that I share).


Wowing at Work: Dress to Impress Workshop

Wowing At Work Workshop

Natalie Jobity invites you to attend, ‘Wowing at Work: Dress to Impress’. A 4 hour Interactive Workshop. Saturday April 28th: 12:30pm-4:30pm at Hotel George, Washington DC

Your appearance at work is your expression to others about who you are and what you stand for. I’ve worked with many women who find themselves stuck wearing a variation of a “uniform” to work. They are bored, uninspired and quite frankly, frustrated with their wardrobe choices and inability to have the presence at work they desire.

Business casual dress codes are partly to blame. Women struggle with putting interesting business casual outfits together so they stick with safe options that leave them feeling like their work look is out of date and out of touch. Women who have to dress more conservatively for work are challenged finding creative alternatives that still project confidence and command. And many professionals are just TOO busy period to focus on their appearance.

Regardless of your wardrobe work frustrations, my Wowing at Work workshop will give your professional look the boost it needs.

Polished Professional Presence
Elan Image Management: Image Workshop

Let’s face it, in today’s economy women need to use every competitive advantage at our disposable to continue to stay relevant and to keep up with our male colleagues. This 4-hour interactive workshop is designed to teach you how to ‘wow’ at work so your presence is credible, up-to-date, aligned with your career aspirations and authentic to you. Learn how to get dressed each morning with less effort whatever your age, career or style preferences.

This 4 hour interactive workshop provides actionable advice on:

  1. What do I wear to work?
  2. How do I create polished business casual outfits?
  3. How do I express my unique flair and still be work appropriate?
  4. How do I use accessories to make a statement?
  5. How do I project authority and command without looking uptight?
  6. What are a few key wardrobe essentials every woman’s needs for her work wardrobe?

Ready to polish up your work look?


What else can you expect from my Wowing at Work Workshop?

  • Learn key tricks on looking effortlessly pulled together and be inspired to augment your closet with looks that reinforce your personal style.
  • Network with other women, also looking to elevate their image.
  • Get personalized attention as you get your own outfits critiqued from an expert.
  • Be motivated to build a wardrobe of clothes you love wearing regardless of the occasion.
  • Take your look from Drab to Fab

Do you need to tweak, enhance or elevate your professional presence? This workshop is for you!

I’ve facilitated many workshops and seminars over the years. Here are just a few testimonials from past attendees of my workshops:

“Thank you so much for Saturday. I learned a lot both about style and myself in a short time. You are very talented. I am inspired by you, the way you hold yourself and present yourself with style and confidence and energy.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. I was truly inspired afterwards, and even went to Nordstroms over the weekend — I did not feel nearly as helpless and lost as I usually do while shopping 🙂 I even got a couple pair of summer shoes that I actually love (!), and I got a pair of NYDJ that they are tailoring this week! Now at least I have 2 items from your list of must-haves…a big improvement for me! I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

“I came away with some vital information that will help me to hone in on my own personal style. Getting clarity around the fact that I do have more than one persona and can embrace each of them was big. Now I don’t feel like I have to be a slave to any one and communicate myself and my own personal style in a more settled way…so THANKS! Keep doing great and fun work. All the best for future success.”

“THANK YOU for the opportunity to attend! I really learned a lot and truly enjoyed meeting the other ladies as well. It was interesting how we all came from different backgrounds, yet had the same “image and styling” issues. I had NO IDEA how much I let myself go after having my baby. This bootcamp drove me back into the “style game” again. It’s like, I care about myself again, I am putting more time into how I look and feel. The bootcamp has done wonders for my confidence! I look forward to continuing working with you :)”

“Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop on Saturday. I left truly inspired and definitely interested in taking my personal best a step forward.”

“Natalie Jobity is very enthusiastic and excited when it comes to teaching others, which makes it easy to reflect her energy. I attended her seminar and it was extremely informative and made me even more excited than I was before.”

“Meeting with Natalie was great. Before, I didn’t really pay much attention to fashion, but now when I’m in a store I can pick out things that are good for me. Also, I notice myself paying more attention to what other people are wearing, and realizing what colors do and don’t look good on them, as well as with my self. Doing this program and spending time with Natalie has changed my whole outlook on fashion and colors.”

Elan Image Management: Style WorkshopElan Image Management: Image Seminar
Elan Image Management: Wardrobe WorkshopElan Image Management: Wardrobe Workshop

Here are a few more reasons why you don’t want to miss my Wowing at Work Workshop!

    • The first 4 registrants get an autographed complimentary copy of Natalie’s bestselling book: Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style
    • The first 7 registrants will get their go-to work outfit critiqued and their figures assessed
    • E-mail a “Before” photo before the seminar and get specific recommendations on how you can improve your look
    • All participants leave with a handy resource guide of stores, shopping tips and other relevant handouts
    • Be eligible for bonuses on my one on one services, available only to workshop participants!

This workshop is limited to 15 women only! Register now to take your work look up several notches!


    • $107
    • Registration deadline: April 20th, 2012. No walk ins!



  • Payment is required at time of reservation to guarantee your space. Space IS Limited so do register early!
  • No refunds
  • For more information, contact: [email protected] or call 443-295-ELAN (3526)
  • Payments by credit card via Paypal