Spring Cleaning With The 30-Day Checklist

If you don’t quite know where to begin with your spring cleaning, there’s a pretty easy process that you can follow. Cleaning and decluttering is one of the easiest processes that you can carry out in a jiffy. So read on as we dive into the 30-day checklist.

Day 1 – Dust the corners of every room
Day 2 – Put seasonal items away
Day 3 – Clean all the closets and cabinets
Day 4 – Sort, clean and take your shoes out to the cobbler for repairs
Day 5 – Clean those dirty appliances
Day 6 – Take your vehicle to the cleaners
Day 7 – Deep clean your fridge. If you have a grease trap installed in your kitchen, clean it also. You can call Everett grease trap pumping a professional in the field of grease trap cleaning, pumping and installing.
Day 8 – Declutter and toss those old rugs and mats
Day 9 – Clean your winter clothing
Day 10- Work on your silverware and electronics
Day 11- Clean out any junk that you may have including those empty water bottles
Day 12- Don’t forget to clean the oven and wash your ironing board cover
Day 13- It’s about time to work on those windows inside and outside
Day 14- Recycle old paper, packing material and others
Day 15- If you’ve got a basement, it’s time to declutter and clean every inch of it
Day 16- Your plumbing also needs to be cleaned along with drawers, pantry, and cabinets
Day 17- Switch out the seasonal decor
Day 18- Vacuum those hard to reach places
Day 19- The garage and fireplace also needs some attention
Day 20- Throw those broken items away
Day 21- Sort and declutter all glass items
Day 22- Any and every type of bag should be organized
Day 23- Repair clothing
Day 24- Organize craft and hobby supplies
Day 25- Get the kids involved and have them clean their own room
Day 26- It’s time for vacuuming and dusting some more
Day 27- Clean the walls
Day 28- Clean the linens
Day 29- Donate or sell all unwanted items
Day 30- Throw all those broken items away

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a task. When you follow the 30-day checklist, you’re sure to add some order into your cleaning regime. Happy spring cleaning.

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